Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, where did all the players go?

With Smart Parts going under and sponsor money for pro teams being tighter than ever we have seen a lot of players move during the last weeks in US.¬† With first PSP in March I’m sure we will still see some big names move on new teams. Its going to be quite interesting to see what team managed to pick the right players for them and if the teams with alot of new players have enough time to gel together before the first event. We have now Fedorov going to Russian Legion. Tim Montressor, Stephen¬† Dabilis, Sam Monville and Greg Siewers joining Aftershock witch makes pretty much an completely new lineup for them. Chris Wilson strengthens XSV. Billy Bernacchia, Pat Roberts, Drew Templeton all with Vicious. Chad George with the boys in blue, San Diego Dynasty. Chris De Signor to Arsenal and Dave Bains plays NPPL with Edmonton Impact. For Ironmen we have Nicky Cuba and John Richardson leaving the team so safe to assume some new names joining Ironmen.

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