Laurent Hamet’s SOPtv interview on Millennium Series 2010.

So a few days ago some news surfaced that SOP would do an live interview with Laurent Hamet adressing Millennium series for 2010. So would we now finaly get some more details for next season?

Both major series in US, PSP and NPPL have had the habit to send regulary relevant updates and press releases to its customers, yes meening us the players. With Millennium series we havent really ever had anyone like Keely (PSP, now retired) or Camille (NPPL) that would have handled contacts to teams and players. Instead we have way too often had to gather some random comments from different forums what might be up for next season.

As for SOP Millennium Series put up on their web page 10th of december following news:

SOP TV is happy to give you the exclusive opportunity to ask all your questions related to THE MILLENNIUM SERIES 2010 season in a LIVE INTERACTIVE INTERVIEW with LAURENT HAMET on 11 December, Friday at 18:00 CET

This interactive interview will give you one unique chance to learn before anyone what the new season 2010 of the Millennium series is going to be. All paintballers are invited to join us during this show with possibility to ask questions directly to our special guest Laurent Hamet – member of the board of the Millennium series. Main topics include:

• dates and places of the events
• changes in rules for 2010, refering
• coexistence of cal.68 and cal.50
• sponsors, trade show
• fields, layout 2010
• spots, divisions, relegations, pulls

We’d love for you to join us! There are 3 ways to participate:

» Having a WEBCAM? Turn it on and drop us your question into our video e-mail. If the question is relevant it will be broadcasted during the live emission.

» You can ask questions though our chat system during the live show. To do this just come join us on 11 december, Friday at 18:00 CET on

» If none of the above works for you or you can not be connected during the live emission by any reason , please send us your questions by e-mail to

Please, do not wait the last moment or the day of the event to send us your questions.

From above one would assume that we would now get some information in eglish and on atleast the topics that are mentioned. One could also wonder if it would have been smarter to first send an press release to the teams covering the topics and going in the interview onwards from that?
Btw did anyone think this line was somewhat amusing with the interview next day? “Please, do not wait the last moment or the day of the event to send us your questions.”

As for the interview. In french with some english comments here and there. I hope someone will be kind enough and send us non french speaking teams and players some information if something relevant was covered in those none english parts.

Here are a few items that where briefly covered in english:

  • First leg is in Spain or Portugal 16TH-18TH

Hold on. In earlier press release that we got first leg was comfirmed to be in Spain.

  • Different types of cups, reffing for didv1 and entry fees

Apparently teams will recive next week some questionaire asking about reffing for div1 and if entry fees should be lower at the cost of price purse. Also have some visions of different type cups for ladies and whatever. Umh how about to just get the basics up and runnig first. Would it be really that bad idea for the Millennium Series to have some forum where teams and players could give some feedback?

  • No regulation to importing pro players for different divisions in MS.
  • Cheaper 2000eur sponsor packages for smaller companies
  • Sponsor only guns enforced.

So if you happen to shoot and gun thats not MS sponsored you are out of luck. Reasoning was blockin counterfit products and penalizing those that dotn support financially MS. In other sports that come to my mind sponsors sponsor as they get some visibility and build  their brand.

  • Penalizing teams that droped out from Antalya

Here is the scoop MS is going to give different levels of penalties depending if you did let the MS know uppfront that you are attending or if you where just a no show. Well in my book if you didnt attend the event you are no show no matter how you look at it. There was something about bannig some team also?

  • Discounted flight tickets for french teams flying to Antalya.

So they are trying to negotiate cheaper flight tickets for french teams? Good to know they look after atleast some nationality *sarcasm.

  • .50 caliber is part of the evolution and it has to be given the chanse to survive.

So .68 caliber will stay as the reference with no fps or field size changes. .50 caliber is the “evolution” so good for us. Well as all small caliber sizes are going trough ASTM process at the same time you could allow those also as “nobody is forced” to use them either way.

Somehow I’m not that content on the news side and covering of the topics.

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  1. So really, not that much information and the .50 cal REvolution has now officially been watered down to Evolution.. heheh. But seriously, the weekly tournament location updates are a joke.

  2. Cheaper airline tickets for french teams flying to antalya and sponsor guns only? Erm… lol…

    Whatevaaah…. or something…

  3. I think they had for the tickets an idea that someone would try and charter an plane or just negotiate some group discount. There is a number of French teams playing MS so it might be doable.

  4. Post

    Below translation of main points that Baca Loco had recived.

    Thought this might help as well. Here’s a summary I received of the Hamet presser.

    Millennium Series new spots

    * An event will be held in Turkey for the second year in a row. Probably one of the best venue ever according L. Hamet (2010)
    * Spain could host a second event in Barcelona – still in study (2011)
    * Portugal could host as well an event – 3 locations are currently under investigation : one in Estoril, near Lisbon (sort of Huntington Beach in Portugal) and two others unknown locations in South of Portugal (2011)
    * Holland seem to be back for the 2011 season.
    * Toulouse is an option too for 2011.

    2011 could be the revival year with all these venues. The very first locations for the European Circuit at his beginning.

    Millennium Series Rulebook

    * .50 cal will be shot at 300fps max.
    * No limitations about US Pro players guesting for open divisions teams.
    * No change at all in the rulebook in 2010.

    Millennium Series & teams

    * A survey will be sent next week to the locked teams – don’t know exactly what type of survey it will be.
    * A meeting is planned with team owners at Amsterdam in January 2010. During this meeting two main topics will be discussed : entry fees and prize money. The teams will have to choose between lower entry fees or money prizes. If a lower entry fee is choosed prior the cas price, teams could save 13 to 20% on a year – One event “free” ?
    * A Division 4 could be created next season playing semi5. The Division 3 would play Race 2.
    * Locked teams missing on the Turkey event will be punished. The MS Board still doesn’t know exactly how.

    Millennium Series & the industry

    * The guns allowed on fields will depend on sponsorship for the CPL and SPL fields during 2010 seaon. The 2011 season could extend this for all the divisions.
    * Major brands are setting up a way to control the board and gun modes on fields by the Reffs. New equipment on their way for the 2011 season.
    * PSP & Millennium Series will use the same firing mode from 2011.

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