West Coast Update

Kasimir sent us a few lines on what he’s been up to and what’s ahead. He’s focused on physical training quite much, as his exchange student curriculum has a lot of  sports and gym classes. As a nice addition, he’s picked up tennis again from his earlier years when he used to be quite serious with it. As we heard it, he hasn’t forgotten too much of it and is doing ok on the tennis courts as well as the paintball fields.

Next weekend Kasimir will be traveling just outside of Los Angeles for a two-day hardcore training session with Nicky Cuba’s new youth project, the NuSkool University. They have a great training venue with turf and the works, sot Kasimir’s going to have a blast playing his heart out for two days straight. The weekend after the next, Velocity Wrecking Crew will have tryouts for their PSP Div 1 team, and Kasimir will put in everything he’s got in order to make the cut. Playing in D1 would be an ultimate learning experience for him, we hope everything goes well!

Good Luck, keep us posted!

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