End of season thanks and thoughts.

After recovering from our annual end of season team gathering in a cabin in middle of nothing its about time to do a quick season summary.

For our team this season has been full of challenges starting from the lack on any indoor venue for last winter here in Finland and not beeing able to use our own outdoor field. But luckily there is always next year and this time things are looking quite good. We have now the option for two indoor venues that are from decent distance from us and have secured an compleatly new and top of the line outdoor venue for the team to practise on when outdoor season starts.

Having played all the Millennium events again this year and a number of other events its been quite a long season. With MS ending even later this year a short break from paintball feels more than welcome right now. Ofcourse even if you dont do any playing its good to do something. Our team has already started with some physical training for the off season and we will be pickin up our guns for some balling in december. When we get to january its back to grinding and more training with paint to kick of 2010.

2010 season looks quite promising for the team and we have been working on alot of new projects during this fall for next season so stay tuned.

Last but not least I would like to thank all the new and old faces we met during the year, for helping out at the tournaments and making some new and fun memories along the way. Wouldnt have been even half as fun year without you guys. Big ups to all of our sponsors also that supported us for 2009.

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  1. Big ups from here also! Thank you guys, thank you sponsors, thanks to all the other people that I didn’t already mention. It would have been completely diffrent season and it would have not been even near as fun as it was with you!

    Helsinki Cyclone – The Cyclone Family

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