Joining the Family

It’s quite a step in life, moving from a small and inexperienced team into an established one. I certainly did not know what to expect! A lot of things scared me. “What if I’m not as good as they expect of me?” “Are they going to see me differently as my former teammates did?” The new organization was solid, everyone seemed to know what their job was – both what to do and when to do it! First it all seemed rather strange, in a small team one was accustomed to having to do everything by oneself. If you failed to do something you could be sure that no-one else would do it for you.

It was the year of 2007 when I was first introduced to what is now my team, and indeed the first tournament felt strange, playing alongside guys who you barely knew the names of all the while sensing the fact that they were much more experienced than you. Additionally, it felt odd that suddenly there was a coach who told you what job you were supposed to do on the field and how. Even so, when the day was done I realized that things were not as perplexing as they initially seemed. Deep down I knew I had done the very best I could. Yet, certain amounts of anxiety was still to follow me until the next outing, where I noticed that everyone were treating me as if they had known me for a long time. It felt amazing, and thereafter the season passed by very quickly every subsequent tournament being better than the previous one. Still, I hadn’t been able to figure out what was it about this team that gave me such a special feeling.

For the 2008 season I returned to my original team feeling it was where I belonged. Cyclone VDO invited me to stay, but I had a lingering feeling that my original friends would still be my one love. Unfortunately I was to be wrong on that account.

However, at the time of the first tournament of 2008 I still had a good and strong feeling about the upcoming season. Yet, I do remember thinking I might have made a mistake leaving Cyclone VDO to return to play with my original crew. Weird indeed was the draw toward Cyclone. Fittingly, it soon unfolded as my fit with my former team rapidly deteriorated. It was then when I made one of my biggest decisions. I decided to move to Helsinki! Upon arriving, Cyclone welcomed me back with open arms – again something I was not prepared to expect. It was then when I understood that this is no commonplace paintball team, far from it. Everyone seems to say the following, but Cyclone is the benchmark of a family! I had become a part of it, and today I can say I cry and bleed blue and black! Finally, I’d like to end with the following remark: Helsinki Cyclone – Honest Gambling!

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