2009 Gallery

Millennium Basildon 2009

Great photos from Basildon by BullitProof Monkey.

Millennium Antalya 2009 - Marat Dunyashev

Some inside-the-net photogrphy by Marat Dunyashev

SM-Liiga Oulu 2009

Millennium Malaga 2009

The BIG season starter for us. A lot of preparation was put into this, so we felt great and won both the matches that were played before the wind forced the tournament to be cancelled.

Riga April 2009

The first outdoor session of the spring in preparation for Malaga. This was actually a tournament, so we got to play a lot of points with Instinct, Sigur and Chilli Peppers.

BullitProof 2009 - Malaga

A few great shots of us that BullitProof Monkey took for Paintball.se A lot more pictures in the gallery over at <a href="http://www.paintball.se/gallery/index.php?cat=50">paintball.se</a>.

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