Helsinki Cyclone Player Profile: Pertti Berg

Here is the first of a series of former and current Cyclone member interviews that we will be doing.

Name: Pertti Berg although everybody calls me Raffe

Years played: I’ve been playing since the early 90’s so that makes it something like 20 years
now… Feeling kinda old here… Tournament paint I started somewhere around 97 and been
playing in Finland and all around Europe ever since.

Years in Cyclone: I joined Cyclone after the 2007 season so that’s 5ish years and counting

Former teams:
Badd Boyz, Phobia, Voodoo, Evolution, Rock, Rock Scion Helsinki

Current Status:
My status could be called team Captain, since I’m the head of the organization behind the team,
but we don’t use the Captain label and anyways I tend to think usually that I’m known better as

What is or has been your goal in paintball:
During the years I’ve had many goals. Some of them I’ve achieved and some are still open. As
a player I’ve always set my goals in tournaments abroad and I still have a place for a 1st place
Millennium trophy on my shelf. The Finnish championships are of course a big thing but somehow
it has always been too close to home.
My other goals have been working within the team. One big goal was to form a completely new
team from scratch and work as a coach to train the guys as far as my knowledge takes us. It was
realized somewhere around 2003 and the team was called Voodoo Legacy. Joel Hietanen and
I gathered a group of friends and friends friends, who had never played paintball, and started
coaching and running the team. Voodoo Legacy played in the 2.division for 3 years reaching top
3 every year. We won 2.div in 2007 and rose to the 1.div. At the same time Joel and I joined
Helsinki Cyclone and the Legacy guys joined too. I actually won the Finnish 2010 championship
title playing alongside a couple of Voodoo Legacy players and many of them play on Cyclones top
The ongoing goal now lies with Helsinki Cyclone. We’ve gone through a major generation change
when the original Cyclone guys retired to the sidelines and we even had to take a break from
the Millennium-series because of this. Since 2009 we’ve been building the “new” team and a big
marker was reached 2010 when Cyclone took the Finnish title again for the sixth time. The next
place to go is off course back to the Millennium to reclaim our spot amongst the top teams there.

Where do you see yourself in next 5 years in paintball?
Playing paintball of course… Although, probably on the old farts section of Cyclone sitting on the
grand stands and watching as my Cyclone youngins take the CPL title 😉 

Who has taught you the most in paintball?
I never really had any player teaching me. I used to be one of those guys who thought he knew
how the game works, the ones that when showed a new technique always say that the one they
used was much better. That all changed when I saw Russian Legion play for the first time (a
looong time ago). They had a completely different, completely methodical way to play, using only
the newest techniques with no freestyling. I remember when they used to shoot slower than
everyone else just so that the paint wouldn’t break… well at least I think that was the point and
that was before the Cyclone Eye of course. About that time me and couple of others from my team
started teaching ourselves by analyzing the best teams game and Russian Legion was the team
we studied. It was I kind of mind state change and I’ve never looked back. This game changes
so rapidly that you really have to be on your toes to keep up… So in hindsight I guess I could say
that it was team Russian Legion that taught me the most.

Mention top 3 things in paintball?
Friends here and abroad, The Cyclone Family and traveling the world to meet people and then
shooting them… (Ok, the last one’s not mine but I think it’s an epic phrase, so greets to whoever
came up with that one)

Tell about your best moment in paintball, on or off the field?
An impossible question, there’s been so many. The one that comes to mind first is winning 3rd
place in Basildon 2008 in the pouring rain with a pit with a broken water pipe and 15cm deep of
ice-cold water to walk on. I remember feeling like id taken a swim with all my gear on when we
got that trophy but it didn’t matter. Nothing beats standing in the podium with your best friends.

Name 1 player you would love to play 1 on 1 against if you were last 2 guys on the field?
I think it would be Maximus Lundqwist

You have traveled a lot and played in many European countries. Was the experience worth all the
money? (And why?)
To me it’s been worth every penny and I would have paid more if needed. Money will always be
paper and stuff will always be stuff but if I sit you down and tell you even a portion of my paintball
hero stories it will be dawn before we know it. You won’t remember your flat-screen TV when
you’re sitting in a rocking chair old and wrinkly but you will remember playing against the best
teams in the world.

You came to Cyclone about 6 years ago and were given one of leading roles pretty soon. How did
feel to take that responsibility with all its burdens and former glory?
To be honest, the responsibility wasn’t as big of a deal as one would think. I joined with all the
leading members of Project Rock Scion which we had created a year earlier and with the same
guys we’d also created team Voodoo Legacy before that, so we had plenty of practice on leading
roles. I admit that in Finland the Helsinki Cyclone shoes are basically the biggest shoes there are
but the former members of Cyclone welcomed us and made us feel right at home from the start. It
was like coming home in a way.
As for the burden of glory, Helsinki Cyclone is the biggest name in Finnish paintball and we’re
going to keep it that way. It’ll take everything I got to give but I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Live the life!

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