Live League: 2011 #1 Ikaalinen

We Won the League! Next stop Div 1 on Sunday.

Thank you HD for taking care of scores for Saturday. For Sunday We will have Jarkko updating scores.

Thanks to our readers, next time bigger and better.

We’re back with the one and only point to point Score Service in the whole wide of Finland. Like last year, which by all metrics was a success, we will cover League point by point and Div 1 game by game. We will probably throw in the final games from all divisions also, so stay tuned.  In future rounds we will try live blogging Cyclone games, but we are yet able to do this.

So, first league round will be played in Ikaalinen a town some 250 klicks from downtown Helsinki. Games are played on Bitburg layout with the schedule divided to Div 3 and League for Saturday.  On Sunday Div 1 and 2 are fighting for gold.

Like last year we are doing this on minimum budget. All gear (computers/phones) are on loan from our players, thanks guys!   Disclaimer: This is in no way official scoring, just a service to the public.

Div 1:

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Div 2:

No love for you, sorry. We’re leaving for home after Div 1 finals. There is a small thing called World Cup Final in hockey at 21:00 Finland vs Sweden!!11oneone


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Div 3 Finals:

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