Cyclone LiveLeague Round Kirkkonummi (3/4)

So here it is. The first version of Cyclone LiveLeague. The system isn’t perfect, but we’ll test this thing. If it is a success, based on hits and usability, we’ll do both League and First Division for the last round in Mikkeli. So keep on hitting that refresh button for scores tomorrow.

Preliminary Games (Morning):
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Standings Division A:
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Standings Division B:
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Bronze & Finals:
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Waiver. I’ll be doing this on my E71, which tends to boot depending on air pressure, so all errors and typos are thanks to Nokia’s “Features”. Also in no way are we official scorekeepers. We are just out to serve the community.

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  1. The reason it’s only league this round, is that I won’t be available on sunday. And I’m playing 1.div. I’ll have to see if someone is willing to do the dirty work on the divisions. It won’t be point by point.

  2. Tiukkaa vääntöä ollut! Kiitokset sykkelille ja Hilulle seurannasta tänne jääkylmän lonkeron ja grillin ääreen!

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